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Groundwork Indy, The Anthropocene Household Project

As summer shifts into fall, Groundwork Indy and partners continue their efforts to assist the Near Northwest (NNW) neighborhoods in implementing early actions outlined in the Community-Led Environmental Action Plan. Among the priority, early action items is a goal to help

residents complete AND RETURN at least 30 additional household lead sampling kits for the Anthropocene Household project. IUPUI's Center for Urban Health and its staff are working with Groundwork Indy and NNW neighbors as they implement the ongoing Anthropocene Household project in concert with IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute (IAHI) via funding from the Indiana University Grand Challenges grant.

The Anthropocene Household project seeks to improve NNW neighbors' knowledge of their household and neighborhood environment. Project partners designed a user-friendly lead testing kit to help residents test their homes for the presence of lead in the water, soil, and dust. The IAHI has partnered with the Indianapolis Ministerium on their Faith lead Initiatives. In addition to working with Groundwork Indy to help distribute the free kits to households.

The IUPUI Center is testing the samples for Urban Health. The results will be sent directly to participating residents so they can have the information to decide how best to address any issues that the results reveal. Results will be mapped HERE in general but not identify specific home locations. However, the general block-level conditions will provide a public understanding of broader neighborhood conditions.

How to get a project sampling kit: Pick up and sign out a kit at the Groundwork Indy office (address), or contact X at Groundwork Indy at X email and phone #.

How to return a project sampling kit: Drop off by signing the kit in as received at the cashier's desk at Cleo's Bodega [2432 Dr. MLK, Jr. Street] or Groundwork Indy [address]

NOTE: When residents are at Cleo's to drop off their completed test kits, please also remember to sign up to receive newsletters from three organizations conveniently: NNW, Groundwork Indy, and Reconnecting to our Waterways of the "NNW Stay Informed" community info initiative. When residents sign up for these newsletters, they shall receive a $20 Cleo's Gift Card! (one signup per household limit; while supplies last)

See this post in Indy Voices by Ben Clark for more detailed information.

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