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Flanner House Medicine Garden

Flanner House is excited to announce the newest addition to our Food Justice Initiative, the Northwest Community Medicine Garden. After months of careful planning and construction, we have built a fully accessible garden packed with flowers and herbs handpicked for their potent medicinal healing properties.

This garden will be a provider of teas and dried herbs that aid in the management of stress, hypertension, asthma, and preventative care for immunity, restorative sleep, and emotional health.

Stay tuned for classes on herbalism, cultivation, mindfulness, and recovery. And- find our fresh medicine ball teas at Cleo's Bodega to beat the heat and free your mind!

Our mission is to offer a safe space to learn and heal together as a community with the Earth. In addition, the Medicine Garden has formed an exciting partnership with MRCI- Minority Recovery Collective Inc to host their support group for BIPOC. They wish to heal from addiction, mental health challenges, and chronic stress/trauma.

Every third Wednesday, MRCI will meet in the garden to share a safe space to talk about recovery and community health. Are you interested in herbalism, mindfulness, and healing? Contact us; we are here for YOU!

In solidarity with the seeds.

Northwest Community Medicine Garden


Minority Recovery Collective Inc.

Erica Jaree

Medicine Garden Founder

Erica Jaree

Food Justice Advocate

Greenhouse Director


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