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Meet Your Resident Leaders

Resident driven leadership is the heart of the NWQOL and since its inception, our community has been served by some of the most dedicated and committed individuals. Currently, the NWQOL Governance Committee is seeking residents to serve. See the listing below. A warm- hearted thanks to all our Resident Leaders past and present.

Names Left to right: Carolyn Watts, Resident Co-Chair of the NWQOL Plan, Ron Rice, Resident Co-Chair of the Arts, Parks & Public Spaces Committee, Jeremy Littell Resident At- Large member on the governance committee, Marlo Allen, Resident Co-Chair of the Education Committee, Alek Gifford, Resident At-Large Governance Committee member, Fred McDowell Resident At-Large Governance Committee Member, Chris Davis Resident Co-Chair of the Economic Development Committee.

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