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  • Evelyn Blunt

Community Builder's Corner

“Our Neighbor Chuck….”

I just want to take a moment and acknowledge one of my neighbors in the NNW area named Chuck. Every day, kids riding their bikes who may end up getting a flat or their chain popped off will stop by Chuck’s place.

He fixes their flats for free or gives them a new chain. Chuck has been collecting bike parts for years, giving away parts or entire bikes. Or charges a meager amount for them. But, if a kid needs a repair, he always helps them out at no charge.

I can appreciate people like Chuck. I know the kids do. Because you will find a group of kids gathered in front of his gate receiving bike parts or even entire bicycles, and Chuck is giving them a bike lecture.

If you’d like to support Chuck, he IS looking for donated bikes to fix up and share with the kids in the community so, reach out to me at, and I will introduce you to him!

Thank you, Chuck!

Ronald Rice, NNW Community Builder/DipIn Community Health Worker

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