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  • Evelyn Blunt

Cheers To Aspire House! 

Submitted by Hadiah Amit, NNWCB

Many of us remember when the Clarks reopened the doors of Firehouse No. 9 in 2020 after being neglected for decades. We heard Sharon's vision of how she wanted to transform the historic building into a place where more resources and programs were available to the community.

After overcoming countless challenges - the Clarks opened their fantastic space on Thursday, February 15th. The renovated firehouse has four apartments, open space for programs, and one of the most amazing commercial kitchens. Of the four apartments - one will be an artist loft to house a local artist. Another is a luxurious two-bedroom apartment that will be used as an Airbnb to help support the building's expenses. The other two apartments will serve as Airbnb units to house local teachers who will teach at one of our community's schools. 

The programming space will be open for the community to use. Still, it will also house the Aspire Higher Foundation's BlaTina program, tech classes, community meetings, and more! Patrons of The RyZe commercial kitchen will be used to facilitate healthy eating and nutrition classes. 

Sharon stated, "It's good to see people in the building…. It's good to see our neighbors coming through and seeing what they can do and have here. So, we're excited about that." If you didn't attend the grand opening, you can experience it via YouTube at:

Stay tuned for more amazing news!

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