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Why is Morningstar Mental Wellness the Best Choice for Your Mental Health Needs?

Morningstar Afrocentric Wellness Center (Morningstar) is a subsidiary of Flanner House, a non-profit organization in the heart of the MLK area purposed to serve and support the surrounding community, which is majority African American, recently becoming more diverse. Flanner House leadership, alongside Bwana Clements, understood that no number of resources would be sufficient if the individuals receiving those services did not have a safe and sacred space to heal from various traumas. 

According to the Association of Black Psychologists, 4% of psychologists, 2% of psychiatrists, 22% of social workers, 7% of marriage counselors, and 11% of professional counselors are reported to be black. It is increasingly difficult for individuals from marginalized communities to find a therapist of color, let alone one who is actively taking new clients. The wellness center employs black and brown therapists who are culturally and linguistically competent, drastically decreasing the risk of therapeutic re-traumatization. Clients deserve to have therapists who are culturally responsive and humanize their experiences. 

Currently, Morningstar has seven therapists, with a few actively onboarding to provide services, and many of the therapists are available during the evenings and weekends. Specialties range from sexual trauma, domestic violence, parenting, marital counseling, grief/loss, end-of-life and terminal illness, depression, ADHD, emotional trauma, physical violence, community violence, incarceration, aging, chronic diseases, and more. Morningstar serves ALL PEOPLE 5 years of age and above, specializing in meeting the needs of people of color

Are you interested in services? Email or call 317-681-4406. Once initial contact is made, a therapist will reach out within 24-48 hours to begin the intake process. Morningstar welcomes you to reach out, whether you are ready to commit to services or not, to learn more about the services available to you. 

Submitted by: Kortney Bond

Morningstar Afrocentric Wellness Center

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