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Ujamaa Community Bookstore, Under New Management

Co-Manager of Ujamaa Community Bookstore

Maya Simone is an visual artist, writer, inspirational teacher with many creative platforms of expression. She considers herself an overall facilitator of encouragement, empowerment, and support for everyone on their journey as a creative or individual. Raised on the Far Eastside, she is inspired by her spiritual practices and holistic living in mind, body, and soul. She is motivated to be a contributor of Collaborative Economics in the black community and build bridges one relationship at a time.

Co-Manager of Ujamaa Community Bookstore

Stan is an Realist Conceptual Artist, Poet, and Activist in the black community. His art form provokes thought and expresses the innermost parts of his soul using colored pencils, charcoal, graphite and acrylic paint. After a brief hiatus, his passion for the arts was re-ignited by spiritual awakening and a challenging period of his life. He continues to create images that bring consciousness and unity in the community as he is working on a mural for the bookstore right now.

Assistant Manager at Ujamaa Community Bookstore (picture)

Angelita Hampton is a writer, visual artist, arts educator, and activist and founder of Collective Liberation Arts. Native to Indianapolis, she returned to her hometown 4 years ago and now resides on the Near Eastside where she centers her artistic practice. She is inspired by and dedicated to social justice, often featuring it in her art and writing. She has self-published several short books of poetry in addition to having poems published in several journals.

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