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NNW Neighborhood Association Spotlight: KW30

Deb Lawrence is Senior Vice President for Strategic Partnerships and General Counsel at Marian University. In that role, she develops and executes strategic plans for neighborhood and economic development activities and other community partnerships. She serves as the Secretary to the Board of Trustees. She manages all university legal issues, among other responsibilities.

Deb has been actively engaged in the Near Northwest Area community since she joined Marian College (as it was then) in 2002. She participated actively in the Quality of Life Plan steering committee, sat on the Governance Committee for several years, and was a member of the Riverside Regional Park Master Plan Citizen's Steering Committee. Deb also serves as president of the Flanner House board of directors.

In 2010, Deb assisted a group of neighbors living in the area surrounding the Marian University campus to form a new neighborhood association, Kessler-Wides 30 (KW30). This group was active until about 2016 when leadership changes impacted the neighbors' meeting ability.

Since then, Marian University has hosted unofficial KW30 meetings on campus 2-3 times a year. The new leadership of KW30 is actively desired, and Deb is eager to provide support to resurrect the formal neighborhood association!

Inquiries about becoming involved, send an email to

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