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NNW Committee Spotlight: Housing

By EJ Kemp

Hello Neighbors! I'm Eleadah Kemp. Please call me "E.J."! I'm the newly appointed housing resident co-chair for the Near Northwest. My professional background is as a mortgage loan originator. With this experience comes knowledge and insight into the needs, wants, and expectations of homeowners, property owners, and renters alike. 

I'm Sharon Clark from the Udell Street Firehouse and  Aspire House. I'm the Equity Co-chair for Housing. I am happy to serve the Near Northwest with you all and build it back into a vibrant community, block by block.  

We are honored to be here and looking forward to rolling up our sleeves and working alongside each of you to bring dignity, unity, and prosperity back to the residents of this neighborhood. We are excited to get to know YOU, the residents. And we're excited to share all that is happening now and in the future.  

Aspire House has restored the firehouse as a space for everyone in our neighborhoods. And we're looking forward to sharing with you our partners in helping to provide resources and services for your housing needs.  

Are you ready to see the positive changes for you and your loved ones and to be the authority of who or what you want to see here on your terms and not outside investors? If you are prepared to take your neighborhood back. IT STARTS HERE! Show up! And together, we're going to show out! 

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