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  • Evelyn Blunt

NNW Committee Spotlight: Arts, Parks & Public Spaces (A.P.P.S.)

Arts, Parks, and Public Spaces, or A.P.P.S., is an action team led by residents and backed by a local stakeholder to support, empower, and advance the beauty, maintenance, and opportunities within our public spaces. Improvements can include art and creating or supporting our six parks within the Near Northwest. We also consider the green and brown spaces in our areas as well.

Our meetings are open to anyone in the community, and we meet every third Monday at 6 pm in the Ujamaa Bookstore in Flanner House. You don't need a degree or association to join us; it's your passion and love to create something beautiful in our area!

Adam Velasquez, director of Groundwork Indy, is our stakeholder co-chair and is brand new to the leadership. Leading the youth in environmental justice and art is what he does every day.

It is an essential part of our neighborhoods. I, Ron Rice, will still lead the committee as resident co-chair. 

By: Ron Rice, A.P.P.S. Resident Co-Chair

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