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Marian University's First African-American Dean

LaTonya M. Turner, Ph.D., will begin her new role as the dean of the Fred S. Klipsch Educators College at Marian University. Turner is the first African-American dean in Marian University history.

As dean of Klipsch College, Turner will preside over academic and student support initiatives across all undergraduate and graduate programs. Additionally, she will serve as the liaison for the board of visitors, have the responsibility of maintaining accreditation, manage the expansion of the school, and serve on the President's Cabinet.

"Our program is trending to be one of the most sought-after, diverse, and talented education programs in the nation. I am genuinely proud to be a contributor to Klipsch College's accomplishments. I cannot put into words just how exceptionally grateful I am for the opportunity to serve Klipsch College through its next phase—a stage I know has the potential to reach unimaginable heights," Turner said.

Dr. Turner joined Marian University in 2013 as the assistant director of the Academy for Teaching and Learning Leadership. Before arriving at Marian, Dr. Turner served in numerous K-12 educational roles: public, charter, and private K-12, including being principal of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School.

For more than twenty-five years as a professional educator, Dr. Turner always sought to ensure every student, regardless of gender, race, or socioeconomic standing, was amply equipped to maximize their God-given potential and serve the greater good. Dr. Turner holds a Master of Science degree in education from Indiana University and earned her Ph.D. in educational leadership from Indiana State University.

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