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Flanner Community Writing Center, By Kirsten Chan-Brose

A Community for Crafting What Matters to You?

The Flanner Community Writing Center is an open-access writing center for Indianapolis residents to collaborate with consultants about their writing provided free of charge.

But what does that mean? It means we can help you design flyers for your neighborhood cookout. Create social media content for your small business. Write letters to your grandchildren, or compose emails to your boss about that promotion you’d like to be considered for.

We can help your high schooler craft a thesis statement for their research essay on alternatives to fossil fuels, work with you to draft a catchy headline for your press release to inform your fellow community members, and inspire them to action and chat about ideas for that newsletter article you’ve been thinking of submitting to the Flanner Community Newsletter.

At the Flanner Community Writing Center, we know that we all have a story to tell. We want to help you write yours—and we can help you find out what that means. Whether it’s, where do I start, to what experiences do I share? Or, choosing if the story takes the form of a series of poems, a photo journal, or even a recipe, we invite everyone to talk, work, and collaborate on writing. Practicing strategies, asking questions, exchanging ideas and suggestions, and building confidence in all forms of writing and content creation.

Ready to write?

We accept walk-ins during our regular open hours ( ), and appointments may be scheduled by visiting or contacting us at (317) 955-6244 or

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