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  • Evelyn Blunt

Economic Development: Riverside Adventure Park

Since the end of 2019, Indy Parks has been developing the concept for an adventure park at the former Riverside Golf Course. The concept for Riverside Adventure Park was developed over the past two years through input by many stakeholders. As the concept was developed, five zones emerged informed by the natural conditions and organized by the proposed improvements at each zone.

The Concept Plan was finalized in May 2021 and provides a plan for phased implementation of improvements. The total anticipated costs are $80 million and a strategic approach to implementation, alongside community partners, will be needed to realize this exciting vision.

In February 2021, Mayor Joe Hogsett announced $45 million in funding to Indy Parks facilities through the first phase of the Circle City Forward initiative.

The money is being used to pay for improvements to Frederick Douglass Park, Grassy Creek Park, Krannert Park, and Riverside Park. The $11 million investment at Riverside Park will be used to implement parts of the Riverside Promenade and a first phase of improvements at the Riverside Adventure Park including trails, entry plazas, outdoor fitness area, parking, nature playground, and iconic shelters.

A public open house will be held at the former clubhouse (3502 N. White River Pkwy W Dr., Indianapolis 46222) on March 3 from 12 noon – 6:30 p.m to share information about improvements and get feedback for future programming. We are excited to share the progress and get your feedback!

For details, please visit the event page

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