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Community Builders Corner

For those of you who are just tuning in, may I take this opportunity to explain the NWQOL?

NWQOL stands for North West Quality of Life (Plan). At the direction of our city leaders, many residents came together and developed this plan to improve overall outcomes in education, food access, economic development, arts, parks & public spaces and housing in order to create a safer, healthier and more enjoyable community in which to live.

This five year-plan was implemented in 2014 with resident -led action teams that are supported by one or more institutional stakeholder co-chairs. The action teams are further guided by a governance committee made up of both residents & stakeholders. In addition, every Neighborhood Association in the designated NWQOL Plan area has an open seat on this governing body. The goal is to ensure resident voices are heard as decisions are made that will impact them and their families.

Throughout the years, the participants have experienced a lot of pressure, as well as many successes. They have worked through difficult situations and learned how to embrace the many gifts each brings to the table. Many have spent numerous thankless hours advocating on behalf of this beloved community, and its overall quality of life. And the struggle continues, as we are now embarking on several major revitalization projects that will have major impact on everyone. Action team chairs are doing their best to prepare us to reap the benefits, secure the jobs and own the property. The luxury of time has expired and if we don’t fill the seats, someone else will.

Ask anyone and they will tell you that communication is at the top of needs in order to Celebrate successes, Highlight that which is good and Educate one another about the many resources and opportunities that are available. Feeding all this valuable information into one source that is accessible to everyone is Key to long-term sustainability after the NWQOL Plan sunsets. How would YOU like to be a part of this synergy?

I wish you love,


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