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Community Builder's Corner, by Ron Rice

Community Builder's Corner

Woke up at 3 a.m. this morning because my mind wouldn’t stop racing. I cannot stop thinking about all the things that I should be doing during this pandemic. Things like places to store food or schools with families in need who haven’t called yet or how can we get more volunteers or are we being safe enough or who else I haven’t called yet. Just one burning question after another and with each one, my brain and my heart felt heavier and heavier. This is all new to a lot of us.

The obviousness of being totally blind-sided by such an immediate situation looms over the minds of every caregiver, community leader, volunteer and empathetic resident and you start to feel overwhelmed or under qualified. Even when you yourself, go out to help someone in need, the reality of the crisis, people in need of basic staples, brings the tears from your eyes to flow. I felt powerless and distraught. So, I did what most of us do when their back feels against the wall...I distracted myself with my phone! I figured a game or two will tide me over until I can sort things out.

As I started to glance over what my options were, I saw that I had 4 unread text messages. To my shock I saw a text from, Tyrone Chandler offering a couple of cases to donate. Derek and Cindy Tow offering to mobilize people and foodstuffs or money. Diane Timmerman from Indy Shakes asking what was the right option to choose when she donates money to Flanner House. Abbey Chambers and Starla Hart from 16Tech having donated money to the Flanner House link. Hailey Butchart from Global Prep saying she was in contact with a few restaurants that wanted to give dinners. Phyllis Tate reaching out to me to help a struggling pregnant mom of 4 find food for her kids.

So many selfless members of our community doing whatever they could. That’s when I realised how selfish I was being. I am not alone. I never was. You never are. Your community, your neighbors, whether you know it or not, have been here for you all along. Sometimes we forget. Sometimes I forget. But that doesn’t stop them from doing what they do. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and we need you. All of you.


Ron Rice, Community Builder

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