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  • Evelyn Blunt

Community Builder's Corner

I feel like we don’t speak enough about our health as a community. Even more, the health of our family and friends. A healthier you helps me to strive for a healthier me.

Recently, the Riverside Adventure Park hosted its first 5k race.

It was a coooooold, coooold day (in the 30s). I, who also represents the DipIn program here in the NNW, was struggling, like many folks, even to get up that morning. The usual dread started to kick in, and I immediately found excuses not to go. I was complaining about the weather. The early time; having to put on layers and layers of clothes, and on and on and on.

But then my daughter called me. She asked if I was still going because if I was going, she was going.

I looove my baby girl! For the past twenty-two years, I can’t get enough of spending time with her. So I got a little spark in me. This race would be our first Father and Daughter race together. It wasn’t so cold anymore. (Trust me, it was still cold, but my spirit was now fired up!).

Although the race started when we got there, I could not keep up with her youth; her spirit stayed with me all 3.1 miles of the cold, the hesitation, and the crackling in my knees.

She met me at the finish line, and my soul smiled. At that moment, I realized again that the things you would do with your child’s love could conquer any barrier you put in your way.

Thank you, Alysha. You were just what I needed.


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