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Community Builder's Corner

Updated: Apr 8

Groundwork Indy's Grand Opening: Celebrating the Revitalization of Another Historic Building in the Community

By Hadiah Amit

If you are wondering what type of neighborhood or Community you belong to, let me help you find out.

The Near Northwest Community is a rapidly growing and vital community that is getting stronger daily! Many who have lived here for over 20 years remember how strong our Community and its neighborhoods "were." So many of us persevered through the time of its decline - some lost hope of it ever returning to its former glory and moved away. 

Now, however, we see the seeds of hope replanted one resident, one stakeholder at a time. We grow more robust; our voice grows louder - THE NEAR NORTHWEST IS HERE! People are taking notice, more and more residents and businesses are moving in, and the City is beginning to re-engage to lend a hand. Many of us are gathering together to do what needs to be done to revitalize our homes, neighborhood, and Community as a whole - Unity in Motion. We have decided that no developer, not even the City, will come into our Community and take what belongs to us! We stand together - UNITED - ONE VOICE - for all to hear.

An example of this growth is that of one of our most deeply rooted stakeholders - Groundwork Indy - who has been working so hard for years with the support and nurturing of Flanner House, Aspire House, and residents, which is now in bloom! We will celebrate with Executive Director Adam Velazquez and his fantastic team for their grand opening on Thursday, April 25, from 4-6 pm at the second newly renovated firehouse in the Community at 975 Burdsal Parkway. There will be delicious food provided by the Indianapolis Black Firefighters Association and our very own Soulections Catering, music by DJ Infinitt, and tours of the building and grounds by the Groundwork Indy Team.

See how your neighborhood and Community are growing. See how residents and stakeholders join together to support one another. Could you celebrate with us? JOIN US. Get involved in your neighborhood and Community today!

As always, I am here to serve Hadiah.

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