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Afro-Centric Mental Health Wellness!

Morningstar understands the importance of addressing the mental health needs of our communities. That's why we're excited to announce the opening of our new meeting center, which will provide a safe and welcoming space for individuals seeking support and resources. Our team of experienced professionals will be available to offer guidance and facilitate discussions on a variety of topics related to mental health. We believe that by coming together and sharing experiences, we can help reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and promote greater understanding and empathy. We look forward to serving our community and making a positive impact on the lives of those we reach.

Flanner House has operated for 125 years in the near northwest area of Indianapolis (zip code 46208). This area ranks among the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, with a 1 in 14 chance of becoming a victim of crime. Our clients are members of low-income families that live at or below the poverty level. According to SAVI statistics, the Near Northwest area had the fourth-highest crime rate per 1,000 people in Marion County. In addition, the zip code has a median income of $25,000, below self-sufficiency levels, with 40% of the households in our area

making less than the Median Household income, and 26.8% of families with children are below the poverty level.  

Mental health services play a crucial role in the well-being of individuals and communities, and its importance is particularly significant in the Black community, a group faced with historical and sociocultural barriers, as well as racial and ethnic disparities.  All participants in Flanner House programs, beginning in 2022, have been offered mental health care services through our African-centered wellness initiative, Morningstar. As a result of the high demand for trauma-informed, culturally responsive therapeutic services, it has expanded to accept referrals from organizations and institutions throughout the city.  

Morningstar African American Wellness Center is specifically and unapologetically African-centered. We will also intentionally recruit, hire, and train therapists of color to do this work, as data shows that clients report feeling more comfortable and understood when receiving services from people who look like they do.  

Morningstar African-Centered Wellness Center is a Flanner House of Indianapolis, Inc. program led by Dr. Brandon Cosby, CEO. Bwana Clements, MSW, LCSW, Director of Morningstar, oversees the associated staff members and programming. (To read the complete unedited article go to

For more information, contact 

Bwana Clements, Director

Referrals and inquiries 

Morningstar accepts clients aged five years old and up. for more information

Morningstar accepts Medicaid and self-pay

The public is encouraged to call 317-925-4231 for more information. 

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