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1610 Eats Is All About It...

Bet! 1610 Eats is all about strengthening communities through great food. Cooking has always been my thing. My family has always respected my culinary skills and would eat anything I made up in the kitchen. I’m Jazmyn Perry and this is my story:

One afternoon my grandmother and I challenged each other to see who could prepare the best collard greens. I was David and she was Goliath in this battle. Everyone knows that nobody’s cooking surpasses Grandmas. After washing the greens, she took the big pot that was known for storing her wonderful concoction and she assigned me a small crock pot.

The wondrous smells filled her apartment in the MLK neighborhood right off 16th street. My older cousin was the blind taste tester and somehow I had won. I had defeated the family champion and it felt so good! My grandmother was one of my biggest supporters. One year, with the encouragement of my family, I decided to take a crack at it professionally. So with very little to my professional name I took a leap of faith and applied for the Neighborhood Food Champions grant through CWUW. My application was accepted and through the many courses I refined my vision.

I am a first generation entrepreneur and I’m learning things daily. However, my goal stays the same, to help people that are in neighborhoods like the ones I grew up in. To expose them to fine dining and teach them how to create those same meals in their homes with local ingredients. That's why I wanted to share recipes and prepare delicious meals for people. I feel like food should fill you and heal you.

Please contact me, Jasmine Perry at and on IG 1610eats for more information. Look out for my recipes as I work with our Community Builder, Ron Rice in his quest to get back in shape!

By Jazmyn Perry

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